beachwear for girls from the luxury children's brand Givenchy

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Discover the world of sophistication for kids offered by Givenchy through classic styles elegantly designed for all ages, from newborns to teens up to 14 years old. The brand is a unique blend of practicality, opulence and simplicity that explores the tension between extravagance and discipline, as well as tradition and trends, under the artistic direction of Matthew M. Williams.

beachwear for children by luxury brand Givenchy

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection

For Spring/Summer 2024, Givenchy has designed a captivating collection in which classic styles blend seamlessly with bold statements, creating unapologetically Parisian looks. Styled silhouettes reveal looks that are both practical and emotive, reflecting the brand’s avant-garde vision for fashion.

givenchy short-sleeved shirt for children

The summer shirt

Givenchy’s iconic 4G monogram returns for Spring/Summer 2024.

logo shirt for children by Luxe Givenchy

retro pink look for children by givenchy luxe

Traditional expertise for unquestioned quality

Givenchy is the embodiment of exemplary expertise, enhanced by a daring blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques. The brand’s unique elegance is expressed through iconic symbols such as the monogram and broderie anglaise, true testaments to exacting craftsmanship.

Exceptional elegance


A significant part of the Givenchy collection for kids is dedicated to formal wear, offering exceptionally elegant designs that are perfect for special occasions. Sequins, tulle and sophisticated details demonstrate the brand’s haute-couture DNA.

formal dress in blue tulle by Givenchy


Tulle and sequins

Ceremonial dress in white tulle by Givenchy


The boys’ collection

The Givenchy Spring/Summer 2024 collection for boys offers a bold blend of sporty and urban styles. Bright green tones, military motifs and transatlantic inspiration from Paris to LA breathe life into dynamic and contemporary looks reflecting the vibrant energy of youth.

t-shirt and shorts for girls by luxury brand givenchy


The girls’ collection

"The Givenchy collection for girls presents various themes, ranging from girly, with in-between dresses in metallic denim or inspired by American college fashion, to looks with multiple layers. Fabrics such as denim are combined with metalwork to create a distinctive style, while the collaboration with Disney’s Frozen adds a fairytale touch to the collection. "