blouse, shorts and suit for girls and boys by luxury brand Lanvin


Lanvin for kids is the embodiment of urban elegance. Guided by Creative Director Bruno Sialelli, who trained under icons of the fashion world, each piece reflects the brand’s values of elegance, subtle exaggeration and undeniable quality.

blue sweatshirt and cap for a boy's sportswear look by luxury label Lanvin

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection

Dive into the worlds of “Poésie florale” (floral poetry) for girls and “Mer de sable” (sea of sand) for boys, both capturing the essence of elegant movement for Spring/Summer 2024. Nuances of Lanvin blue, innovative materials and a touch of beading and glitter reveal a subtly exaggerated interpretation of luxury, while respecting the brand’s cherished values of quality and forward thinking.

white t-shirt and blue shorts for boys by luxury brand Lanvin

Lanvin looks

flowered blouse and shorts for girls by luxury brand Lanvin

2-piece boy's formal suit from luxury brand Lanvin

Enhanced elegance

Exceptional formal wear comes to life through luxurious fabrics and innovative couture designs. Discover opulent details such as beading, diamantés, glitter and gold for girls, and new printing techniques and tufted embroidery for boys. Have a bold and sophisticated summer, by Lanvin.

Iconic patterns and techniques

For the summer season, Lanvin breathes new life into its collection by introducing iconic patterns and techniques, such as the curbs photo print and Lanvin embossing, taken directly from the adult collection.

the modelling expertise of luxury children's brand Lanvin


Dressmaking expertise adapted to kids’ fashion

white sweater and skirt for girls by luxury brand Lanvin


The collection for girls

The collection for girls embodies a luxurious elegance directly inspired by the adult catwalk. “Poésie florale” blends elegant colours, luxurious fabrics such as satin and sparkling details. With staples from fleece to Milano rib, each piece is a testament to the care given to the adult collection.

hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt and shorts for boys by luxury brand Lanvin


The collection for boys

The collection for boys is inspired by the “Mer de sable”, exploring the different shades of Lanvin blue and bold contrasting fabrics. The beige ensemble is a testament to the collection’s daring, melding elegance with surprising details.